The SKYWIRE invention is the first of its kind. It's currently the world's longest and fastest flying fox adventure thrill ride reaching speeds in excess of 100km/h in New Zealand and spanning a distance of approx 1.65 km. The passengers are seated into a carriage and then released to travel from one mountaintop to the other. The aerial thrill ride also comfortably caters to disabled-bodied persons, allowing them to enjoy and feel the rush created by moving over the forest at such high speeds.
Invented in New Zealand, and patented worldwide, Skywire will be introduced by Ammcad Development Services to the North American market. We believe that the Skywire will provide an eco-friendly eagle eye view of any pristine habitat that usually exists in the valley between two neighbouring mountains. The ride will conform to or exceed all British Columbia Safety Authority standards as well as conform to CSA Z 267-00 specifications. It currently is in operation in New Zealand and has a flawless safety record.